Melanie Yazzie


Melanie Yazzie

Melanie A. Yazzie works in a wide range of media that include printmaking, painting, sculpting, and ceramics, as well as installation art. Her art is accessible to the public on many levels and the main focus is on connecting with people and educating people about the contemporary status of one indigenous woman and hoping that people can learn from her experience. Her subject matter is significant because the serious undertones reference native post-colonial dilemmas. Her work often brings images of women from many indigenous cultures to the forefront. Thus her work references matrilineal systems and points to the possibility of female leadership. There are many layers to the works and with in the story layers many discover that our history is varied and deep. It is made clear that there are many indigenous peoples in the world and we all have different stories and it sometimes has a sad connection to main stream society. Often misunderstood and overlooked are the ways in which we can all learn from each other and make a better world. She has been represented by Glenn Green Galleries since 1995


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