Under Radiant Skies
Glenn Green Galleries has a superb Santa Fe venue.

By Charlotte Berney

Glenn Green Galleries, a commanding presence in the art community for fifty-four years, has raised the art experience to a whole new level. The new Sculpture Garden and Gallery outside town—just a short distance from the Plaza in Tesuque—displays art the way it ought to be seen, in a spacious and beautiful setting.

The purpose of the move was to feature more sculpture in natural surroundings, says Glenn Green. In addition to the garden, the five-and-a-half-acre property includes a large, elegant gallery that is open by appointment.

The art found outside and inside covers a range of world-class artists whose sculpture, painting, basketry, prints, photography, and jewelry represent the finest in artistic expression. Consider these: the sculpture of Allan Houser and Eduardo Oropeza, the paintings of Kenji Yoshida, and the Rainforest Basketry of the Wounaan. The gallery exhibits the work of over forty outstanding artists.

Glenn Green Galleries’ Tesuque sculpture garden and gallery are complemented by art showcases in downtown Santa Fe at the Inn at Loretto, El Nido Restaurant in Tesuque and the Scottsdale's Museum of the West. 

Why this extensive dedication to art? "We enjoy the creative process," says Sandy Green, who first saw Allan Houser’s work in Arizona in the early seventies. Glenn and Sandy Green represented Houser’s work for over twenty years and helped develop his distinguished career. She adds, "When we discover an artist whose work is special and who has a unique approach, we respond. To be able to promote their work is very satisfying."

Step onto the Sculpture Garden grounds, located next to the well-known Tesuque Village Market, and you find yourself in a serene setting with ancient cottonwoods, apple trees, and an expanse of meadow. The open sward accommodates monumental sculpture while side gardens provide intimate spaces for strolling and contemplation.

"We’re pleased that we have a variety of spaces to work with," says Kerry Green. "When you see the works in a natural setting, you can see the possibilities of living with art."

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