Khang Pham-New


Khang Pham-New




"My childhood experiences growing up in Vietnam have paradoxically become a driving force in my artistic creations. I am impassioned with biomorphic abstract forms. As an artist, I am aware of and respect the art movements of my time, but to create, I remove myself from the influences of this time and retreat into a private space where I can experiment and explore possibilities of each phase of my inner life." - Khang Pham-New


Khang Pham was born in war-torn South Vietnam in 1968, the year of the Têt offensive. At the age of 12, together with two of his uncles, he joined the exodus of “boat people” in search of a new life. Arriving in a refugee camp in Malaysia, he was separated from his uncles, ultimately to be adopted by an Australian family living in Canada. John New, a professor of European history, his wife Debbie, and their family of eight children (including Khang) were strongly supportive of Khang’s love of art.




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