Wounaan & Embera Panama Rainforest Baskets Wounaan


Wounaan & Embera Panama Rainforest Baskets Wounaan

Wounaan and Embera Rainforest Baskets from Panama

The master basket makers of the Wounaan and Embera tribes live in Panama, deep in the Darien Rainforest, near the Colombian border.  It is through the magnificent baskets they create that they are able to stay on their land and preserve tribal cultures. These superbly woven baskets are works of art, sought out by museums and collectors.

They are woven from fibers of wild palm trees and dyed with extracts of bark, leaves and fruits that are found in the rainforests. Motifs include pre-Columbian geometric designs as well as native birds, animals and insects that they encounter in their environment.

Esteemed anthropologist, Dr. Andrew Hunter Whiteford has said: “The Wounaan coiled baskets are not only creative, but are technically among the finest I have seen.” Indeed, they are considered to be the finest baskets being made in the world today.

By purchasing these baskets, you are contributing to the primary source of income for the tribal members and are also helping to preserve the Darien Rainforest.


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