Craig Dan Goseyun


Craig Dan Goseyun

Craig Dan Goseyun: Feeding The Spirit
Upon viewing the work of Craig Dan Goseyun, one becomes immediately aware of the extraordinary power he expresses through his sculpture. Celebrating his San Carlos Apache ancestry as a professional sculptor since 1985, Goseyun evokes the spirituality of his heritage with a uniquely grounded and impressive degree of style.
Being raised in traditional Apache culture and historical legacy, providing a passion for his extensive understanding of other Native American cultures as well. This passion led him into one of the most demanding forms of expression… sculpture. After his academic study which included the Institute of American Indian Arts, Craig spent several years under the masterful tutelage of Allan Houser, before striking out with his unique and highly developed skills.
His path as a sculptor has brought him the same challenges that many of the great masters have faced before him. His power lies in his unique ability to bring life, real flesh and blood to the stone and bronze he works with, enhancing the environment of the heart. His unique gift transcends cultural boundaries and provides special insight into the landscape of the natural.

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