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Kenji Yoshida

Kenji Yoshida

Windows to the Universe

"I have heart and I also communicate with people who have heart. When I paint, I also pray. Searching the new in art is always like praying." - Kenji Yoshida

Glenn Green Galleries is proud to represent the paintings of internationally acclaimed artist Kenji Yoshida. Born in Japan in 1924, Yoshida spent most of his life living in Paris, France after World War II. Yoshida passed away in January 2009. He has been honored with a major exhibition at the British Museum that opened their new wing for Oriental Art. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Mexico City had a one-person show that attracted thousands of viewers. His friend Jose Ferez says of him: “All of Yoshida’s works come from internal visions. His paintings all have to do with the Japanese idea of seimei, the act of living. His work looks to the essence of life, which is why it is so dramatic. He works from his own shapes, his own images, what he sees in his meditations, from the inside out.”