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Noelle Jakeman

Noelle Ipo Atanga Mihiwira Jakeman

Tribal Affiliations: Waikato, Ngati Maniapoto, Ngapuhi

With my work I am influenced by the design principles and elements of the various Maori artforms, both traditional and contemporary. They are what make them uniquely identifiable as being Maori, and it is what I hope to portray in my own work.

In regards to my artistic disciplines, I try not to conform to and become affiliated to just one artform as I also enjoy developing my work through various other mediums.

I am however currently exploring in depth the use of clay in a Maori context as traditionally firing it was not a popular technique and medium used in our culture.

The terms ‘Whakapapa’ (Geneaology), ‘Tangata Whenua’ (People of the Land), and ‘Papatuanuku’ (Earth Mother) are commmon Maori terms that I am exploring in my sculptural forms. Each relates to the other and all pertain back to the land/earth/clay. This also allows me to express issues relating to the strong connection that we as Maori have to the land, and how very similar we share these same views with other indigenous cultures.